1> Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, copper-alumina non-ferrous metal sand casting, clay casting, graphite casting, silica sol precision casting and other industries, purification of sand raw materials, recycling of metals in casting materials.
2> iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore, vanadium ore, titanium ore ferrous metal minerals; copper, lead, zinc, bauxite, nickel, tungsten, magnesium, cobalt, tin, antimony, Molybdenum, mercury and antimony nonferrous metal ore; gold, silver and platinum group metals (platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, iridium) precious metal ore; antimony, antimony, antimony, lithium ore, Zirconium, antimony, antimony and antimony rare metal ore; antimony ore, light rare earth ore, heavy rare earth ore rare earth metal ore; antimony, gallium, indium, antimony, antimony, antimony, cadmium, selenium and antimony ore disperse elemental metal ore; mining, smelting, processing Enterprise
3> Steelmaking line filtration purification system
Successful case
User Profile: The user's cold rolling and retreating unit is an automotive and home appliance annealing unit (annual output 700,000 tons, average specification 0.94mm*1140mm). The cleaning section of the unit is mainly used to remove iron and oil from the steel surface. In order to ensure the cleaning effect, the alkali leaching circulation tank and the electrolytic cleaning circulation tank need to control a certain iron concentration and oil concentration. Since there is no effective filtration system in the production line, usually lye or electrolyte is used for 3-7 days, it is necessary to replace a batch of lye, increasing production cost and environmental protection cost.

Analysis of the problem: the fine iron and oil on the surface of the strip are deposited in the lye pool. The particle size of the iron is very small, only 3-5um. The general permanent magnet removal process, fine filtration or ceramic filter can not be used. Filtration is very easy to clog) and is not resistant to strong alkalis.

Solution: After repeated tests, the electromagnetic separator and composite filter are used to achieve 80% iron removal rate and 50% oil removal rate.

Actual use effect: After the user puts in the iron remover of our company, the frequency of lye replacement is extended from one week to one month, and it has been running stably for one year.
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