1> Recover iron, stainless steel, manganese steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and other metals from various metal scraps and scraps.
2> Processing of metal impurities in various non-metallic scraps and chips such as glass, rubber, and plastic.
3> Sorting and processing of industrial waste such as used cars, home appliances and electronic products.
Successful case
Waste car recycling system
Glass recycling system
Plastic recycling system
After the waste car, glass and plastic are broken, high-value ferromagnetic materials and non-ferrous metals need to be recycled. Our metal recycling system uses strong magnetic components and multi-stage sorting to achieve a recovery rate of over 95%.
The first stage of sorting produces three materials, high grade ferromagnetic materials, waste and non-ferromagnetic metals to be further sorted. The rare earth magnetic magnetic roller is used, and the iron is first separated, and then subjected to further sorting through a magnetic roller to select a high-grade iron material. The selected iron falls onto a staggered conveyor belt and is transported to the collection bin. In addition, during this sorting phase, lighter weight non-metallic materials will fall onto the waste conveyor and be transported away by the conveyor.
The second stage of sorting, recycling valuable non-ferrous metals. The vortex current sorting device is used to recover the non-ferrous metal material, and the waste material falls into the end of the belt which is connected to the upstream iron-removing waste. The non-ferrous materials are pushed by the eddy current sorter to the staggered conveyor belts into the collection bin.
Product Features
1>Reducing the quantity of waste landfill
2>Recoverable fine metal with particle size less than 1 inch
3>Multi-stage separation process
4>The most powerful magnetic circuit design
5>Building with heavy structural steel
6>At least 6 months investment recovery
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