1> The filtration of liquid for the car metal shell surface treatment (Like degreased liquid, hot rinse water, etc.)

Process Description & Problem
In the manufacturing process of the metal casing of the automobile, the metal surface needs to be subjected to multiple surface treatments, and the process needs to continuously consume energy and generate some garbage. For example, there are iron filings, welding slag, dust, oil, dust on the surface of the casing. The surface needs to be cleaned by degreasing liquid or hot water, and the removed dirt will gradually precipitate in the bath liquid, affecting the surface treatment effect of the automobile metal shell, and easily cause nozzle and pipeline blockage or pump damage. Thereby reducing the use time of degreasing liquid and hot water and increasing the discharge of liquid waste.
Product Features
1>Semi-automatic/automatic removal of ferromagnetic powders and particles and iron oxide
2>Catch the small weak magnetic impurities
3>Prolong the service life of cleaning stock solution, reduce the frequency of raw liquid replacement, increase economic benefits and reduce environmental protection costs

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2> The vertical transportation

Process Description
Auto parts need to go through multiple processes in the production process, and each process needs to be automatically transferred, especially high and low conveying. The conventional conveying method can't reach 90° right angle conveying, which requires more space and cost to achieve height. The distance of the transport, magnetic transport can achieve 90 ° right angle transport, greatly saving production space.

The vertical transportation of all kind iron parts (such as Spark plug, can, etc)

Product Features

1> Fully automatic vertical conveying

2> Saving production space and production cost

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