Process Description & Problem
In the production process of plastics and rubber, the iron pieces that are mistakenly inserted into the production line will cause production accidents. The metal powder generated by the machine wear is mixed in the materials, which affects the quality of the products and causes the qualification rate of the end products to be low.
General purpose plastics such as polyester PET, polyethylene PE, polyvinyl chloride PVC, polypropylene PP, styrene PS, polycarbonate PC; polyamide PA (nylon), polyoxymethylene POM, ABS resin, polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE, poly Production, granulation, injection molding and other industries of engineering plastics such as sulfone PSF, polyimide PI, liquid crystal polymer LCP, polyphenylene sulfide PPS, polyetheretherketone PEEK, and various modified plastics.
Successful case
User Profile: The user is a manufacturer of engineering plastics, and the plastic particles produced are mainly supplied to the automotive industry as raw materials for auto parts (such as rear mirrors). The supplied plastic is given to the auto parts user, and the qualified rate of the finished product is 96%. Most of the unqualified products are made by injection molding, and the surface is not smooth, and there are fine bumps. This fine concavity and convexity point is analyzed by the fact that the raw material (plastic particles) contains fine iron impurities.

Analysis of the problem: After the analysis and analysis, the iron inclusions inside the plastic particles, the user's field magnetic frame, metal exploration test can not be captured.

Solution: After repeated tests, the strong magnetic roller type iron remover is recommended, which can effectively clean the core material (the micro iron is mixed inside the plastic particles) and reduce the iron content of the material.

Actual use effect: After the plastic particles of the strong magnetic roller type iron remover, the finished product qualification rate of the auto parts manufacturer is increased by 2%, the pass rate is increased to 98%, and the user's 12 lines all add the strong magnetic roll type iron remover. . It has been running stably for 2 years.
The user production line with the strongest magnetic roller separator
Product Features
1>Semi-automatic/automatic removal of ferromagnetic powders and particles and iron oxide
2>Catch the small weak magnetic impurities
3>Ensure the safety of following production lines and ensure the quality of products
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