Magnetic Conveyor
Magnetic Conveyor Magnetic Conveyor

Short Description

The magnetic conveyors are used for conveying steel or ferromagnetic products at slope up or slope down or vertical direction.Comparing the traditional conveyor system, The magnetic conveyor system need less space, less labor and cost.

The magnetic conveyor system will be designed according to the shape of transported object, the belt type, the belt speed of conveyor system and the environmental conditions in which the conveyor will operate .

Applicable industries

Mainly used in cans, lids, crown caps, tin containers, brake pad, steel spare parts of cars, steel sheet, nails, bolts, screws or other long steel parts, in the packing industry.


Important factors for choosing the suitable magnetic conveyor

Product dimensions & weight

Position on the belt (ope or closed end toward the magnet)

Belt speed and angle of rise

Temperature - this can be a problem above 60 degree

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