Process Description & Problem
Modern agriculture, food, and medicine are basically modern mechanical operations instead of manual labor. In mechanical processing, it is easy to mix other impurities or mechanical wear metal powder in the material production process.
1. Some metal powder that accidentally falls into the material during the production process and metal powder that is worn when used in machining.
1> flour, starch, candy, chocolate, milk powder, biscuits, instant noodles, cakes, etc.
2> MSG, MSG, Pepper, garlic powder, dehydrated vegetables and other spices processing
3> flavors, spices, vitamins, trace elements and other food additives
4> milk, juice, cola and other beverage industry
5> oil, potato flour, wheat flour, feed and other industries
6> Chinese medicine Materials, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, Chinese patent medicines, chemical raw materials and their preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, etc., production process
2. Screening of crops
1> Removal of soil from soybeans, peanuts, coffee beans and other crops, using magnetic separation principle to remove soil from crops.
2> Screening of various seeds such as cotton seeds and flax seeds, using the principle of magnetic separation to screen superior seeds.
Product Features
1>Semi-automatic/automatic removal of ferromagnetic powders and particles and iron oxide
2>Catch the small weak magnetic impurities
3>Ensure the safety of following production lines and ensure the quality of products
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