Shanghai Taixiong Magnetic Industrial Co. Ltd.
TaiXiong Magnet is a professional magnet and magnetic separator manufacturer. We have three factories in China, we have been magnet manufacture over than 15 years. Our Major product is Rare earth magnet, Rubber magnet and Magnetic separator. Capabilities 70 sets magnetic separator per month 300sets magnetic grids per month 1000pcs magnetic bars per month 180 Tons NdFeB Magnet per month 2000 Tons Rubber Magnet per month Our Belief Stable Quality, Best Price, The Fastest Delivery Time with 24 hours Service.
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Self-Cleaning Drawer Magnetic Separator
Short Description Self-Cleaning Drawer Magnetic Separator will absorb and clean iron automatically, which is major for the material ...
Electromagnetic Separator For Slurry
Short Description The electormagnetic separator for slurry with higher magnetic field, the magnetic field distribution is unifor...
Eddy Current Separator
Short Description Non-ferrous metal separators are designed to use conductors to generate eddy currents in high-frequency, al...
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Is a professional engaged in research, production and processing of NdFeB permanent magnet materials, based on many years of practice, understand the principle of magnetic field ...
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Warranty Each device will be sent to the customer site after 48 hours of uninterrupted operation without problems. After the customer complaint, the response within 8 hours 1 year warranty period Equipment Manufacture Manufacturing advantages: Advanced manufacturing design to improve construction capacity; modular - unique design; Focus on raw material magnets for independent production, and the production cycle can be controlled; The supply chain is stable and the logistics is accelerated; Quality Control / Quality Assurance Offering Design Professional magnetic separation solutions to meet complex challenges Taixiong engineering techniques include collection and analysis  of design parameters, equipment location, equipment space design and safety design. We collect design-related parameters from the basic data provided by the owner and analyze the data to determine its correctness and rationality to ensure the most economical and effective design. Free Sample Testing What can we do For more than ten years, Taixiong has continuously provided equipment and services to domestic and foreign customers, and we have accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge. Various types of test machines can be provided to conduct material testing for customers, analyze various factors affecting the effects, make reasonable planning and evaluation for magnetic separation requirements and demand capacity, break the bottleneck, and provide you with the best magnetic selection solution.
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